• Stories from LSE

    "LSE has a great reputation in the research and academic worlds and offers you the chance to meet top researchers and even collaborate with some of them! Being a research student at LSE gives you the opportunity to focus on the subject of your interest and become an expert on a specific area. LSE is an extremely sociable and friendly university. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to meet people from all over the word, come into contact with different ideas and mentalities and expand your horizons – plus, of course, it is in the centre of London; one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world."

Students from all over the world have been welcomed at LSE since the foundation of the School in 1895. At present there are over 150 countries represented on campus, making LSE a uniquely international and cosmopolitan university at the heart of London. LSE provides an opportunity to study the social sciences from a truly global perspective, surrounded by an entirely international community. There is also a Finnish Society at LSE, which is a hub for Finns at the LSE. Read stories of some the current research students


Aleksi Aaltonen on his experience at LSE

“It was probably the best decision in my life to go for PhD studies at LSE. I learned the ropes from top scholars in my field and built a network of colleagues around the world during my studies. PhD should not be seen as education but an opportunity to create something new using whatever resources and ideas you are able to combine. For an intellectual entrepreneur like me, London offered an exceptional access to business and numerous other academic institutions that have been extremely valuable.”

Aleksi Aaltonen, LSE PhD 2011


Kari Koskinen on his PhD studies at LSE

“My time as a PhD student at LSE has enabled me not only to do research on a topic that I find highly interesting, but also to engage with people who belong to the top of their fields and research areas. LSE and London overall provides a highly captivating environment, where one can develop and refine their research ideas further, and in the process learn an outstanding amount of new information and ways to do research. My studies have taken me to places and allowed me to meet people I could not have thought of before, and although the road to a PhD can sometimes be demanding and one does not always know where it will lead, it is definitely one worth taking already by offering a truly enriching experience.”

Kari Koskinen, LSE PhD 2018 (estimated)